About Art Union “Maestro”

Art Union “Maestro” brings together composers, vocal performers, musicians, poets, artists and other creative professionals. The purpose of the organization – assistance to its members in the creative development and implementation of authors cultural projects, the promotion of classical music, organizing live performances, and promotion of advanced musical-acoustic health-improving techniques.
Art Union “Maestro” is the winner of the presidential contest of social projects in the fields of education, culture, art and public diplomacy in 2008. At the IX International Festival and Competition of Music and Artistic Creation “Petersburg Spring” (2010) the Art Union “Maestro” is awarded to the winners of the first degree diplomas in four categories: best composer, best duet, best band, best conductor.
An impressive variety of genres of music of “Maestro”: orchestral miniatures philosophical nature, waltzes, polkas, mazurkas, minuets, tangos, marches, ragtimes, works for vocals, music for children – more than 150 works, combined into 19 audio albums. With D. Kirshin written and ready for the musical stage production of “A Christmas Tale” and a program of vocal and symphonic works. Together with the publishers “Union of Artists” group released 11 music collections.
Repertoire Symphony Orchestra “Maestro” (artistic director and chief conductor – Alexander Chernobaev) are programs by Leonid Levashkevich: “The Road of Love”, “Tango, Waltz, Ragtime”, “The Seasons” and others. Aesthetics academic symphonic found successful embodiment not only in traditional waltzes and pieces for piano and orchestra, but in the ragtimes and charlestones, the performance of which can be named the unique feature of the orchestra “Maestro”. Available forms concert miniatures, while preserving the advantages of symphonic presentation allows to expand the palette of the music genre, met an enthusiastic reception of the public.
Concert programs of “Maestro” with the same success heard in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, China, and India. Enthusiastic response to the interventions of “Maestro” from a variety of people, regardless of nationality, age and social status, as well as the excellent reviews of the Russian and European press confirm: composing and performing arts of Art Union “Maestro” promote a positive image of Russia, the glorification of the national culture and art.

Responces and articles

Jörgen LINDER, Lord Mayor of Gothenburg City:

Let me on behalf of the guests express our sincere gratitude and convey our thanks to the musicians of the “Maestro” Ensemble for the concert. It was certainly a great pleasure to be present at this concert of musicians from Saint Petersburg, that gave us a new sudden view of the Russian present-day cultural environment. A great mastery demonstrated by the musicians skilfully combined with the subtle technique was estimated by the listeners at its true worth. Events like this concert have a great and significant influence on the development of mutual confidence between two countries and contribute to our better understanding. The concert became a fine event in the cultural life in Gothenburg, and we hope for further meetings like this also in the future.

Concerts and performances

A Performance by the Art Union “Maestro” at a masquerade party at the Embassy of Russia in the Kingdom of Sweden

At the Embassy of Russia in the Kingdom of Sweden (Stockholm) the traditional masquerade dated for the orthodox Christmas, “Trettondag Jul”, took place, coinciding with the ancient Swedish holiday.
More than 500 Swedish and other foreign visitors, among whom were ministers, politicians, representatives of the business community, heads of industrial corporations, members of Riksdag, the Royal court, diplomats, representatives of cultural elite of the country, became participants of the joyful event.
The official site of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Sweden notics: “The festivities were ornamented by a performance of a collective of consummate musicians of “Maestro” from St.Petersburg directed by L.Levashkevich, performing popular classics, Russian national songs as well as original musical pieces all night through”.

Music Albums

We are glad to introduce some of our works to you. “Maestro” specializes in various musical genres and styles – from philosophical orchestral music to light entertaining pieces.
The Art Union “Maestro” recorded 7 audio-albums of the “Long Live, Saint Petersburg!” Music Collection, 19 authors audio-albums by composers Leonid Levashkevich and Vladimir Gaponov, 6 DVD contains video-records of concerts of “Maestro”, and also an unique musical-acoustic health-improving CD «Harmony».
“Long Live, Saint Petersburg!” Music Collection, an album of symphonic miniatures “Confession”, a four-handed concert suite for a piano “Dances” and “Facile” suites are presenting on a site in full, with possibility of listening of musical pieces and songs.


In this section of a site there are presented mobile ringtones, which actually are fragments of musical pieces by Leonid Levashkevich and Vladimir Gaponov (MP3, 128 Kbps).


In site section “Concerts and Performances” an announcement of a concert of russian piano music in Åland’s Institute of Music (Mariehamn, Suomi) on February 27th, 2013 is added.

Site section “Musical albums” is essentially enhanced by the description of a “Long Live, Saint Petersburg!” Music Collection (with possibility of listening of music in full), and also 5 new audio albums and 3 DVD-albums which have been produced by the Art Union “Maestro” in 2010–2012.


In this section of a site you can find videos of fragments from the concerts by Art Union “Maestro” in Russia and abroad. From the total number of records a considerable part (139) represents the St.Petersburg Virtuoso Ensemble “Maestro”; 31 video records represents two concerts of the Belarusian Philharmonic Orchestra in the Big Concert Hall of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society; 24 video fragments are devoted to concert by the St.Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra in the Grand hall of the St.Petersburg Academic Philharmonic named after D.D.Shostakovich; 39 fragments are devoted to performance by the Symphony Orchestra “Maestro” (artistic director and chief conductor – Alexander Chernobaev); 6 fragments represents a performance of Orchestrina “ARMONIA” (artistic director and conductor – Alexander Chernobaev); one fragment shows the ensemble of soloists and laureates of international competitions under the baton of Alexander Pashkov.


The e-mail address of the president of the Art Union “Maestro”, Leonid Levashkevich is: .